i need 3 players banned for DDoS

i need someone to ban (MOD REMOVED) for the use of DDoSing in halo 3, there all appearing off line besides the last name, theyve done this to me and my friends account in game over 10 times so i know it wasnt just a lag out or some mistake,


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As it has been said many times on this forum, do NOT name and shame gamer tags on the forums.  If you think someone is cheating, file a complaint on your console and block communications with them if they are mouthy.  The Policy Enforcement Teams does not use this forum as a place to report players.  


If you feel that you are being a victim of a DoS or DDoS, you need to contact your ISP.


Report them on your console, and the attacks on your internet to your isp.

They'll get banned from Halo 3. My friend has done it and he got banned permanent.