I miss the E3 Xbox...

Seriously.  I want to be able to buy disks and have them work with the "go to app" feature without having to get up and switch.  I have been buying all digital for just that reason.  However, I have a gamestop coupon and they don't sell digital games.  If MS hadn't changed their minds and kept the original idea then it wouldn't matter.  I could have just bought a disk and it would have acted like it was digital.  I also can't take advantage of sales on Amazon.com and other sites!


Give me back the promised Xbox one!  All the whiners didn't know what they were killing.  Gamestop would have been given a method for revoking permissions in order to allow selling of used games.  It was stated multiple times that select retailers would be able to do that... After all the complaining I am left with no option but to buy direct from MS if I want to use these features and honestly, I don't want to pay $60 for FIFA when I could get it from amazon or gamestop discounted.


All you naysayers are big fat jerks and I blame you for this predicament!  I mean seriously, how many of you sold your games to non-retail stores?  We can pretty safely assume that big chains like Gamestop, BestBuy, Walmart, Target, etc. would have all been given the ability to revoke permissions when someone traded in a game to allow selling back used games!


I am bitter!


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You can get digital from GameStop, kind of... Just buy Microsoft money cards.

I spent all the credit I had with gamestop buying MS gift cards.  I cannot use my coupon on it though.  It appears they have changed their policy on allowing coupons that say "any gamestop purchase" to not include MS cards as of last week.


Besides, if I were going to buy MS money from them why wouldn't I just buy straight from the xbox?  Why go to gamestop at all?  The whole point was I have a coupon that I can't use because they don't sell digital and won't let me buy MS cards with it.

I didn't know you couldn't use the coupon on the cards. That's pretty lame. I bought Zoo Tycoon from them digitally. Well, the receipt said Zoo Tycoon all it actually was, was $59.99 of MS money when I plugged in the code.

So you wanted MS to enforce a policy that would kill re-sale of next-gen games at places like Gamestop but you want to take advantage of discounts at places like Gamestop??? I don't follow this logic.

I'm sure the boffins at MS could have come up with a compromise instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. It should never have been a case of all or nothing.

Crybabies ruined it. Blame yourselves.

@Sunburst It wouldn't have killed resale of games because the policies ALLOWED RESALE OF GAMES.


^This is a prime example of people that ruined it for no apparent reason smh.

Nothing was ruined , MS just had a baby fit just like the majority in this thread. There was no reason they could not come up with a workaround , a bit of give and take , instead of an all or nothing solution.

I personally did not want this feature purely because I wanted to be able to use my console and games if and when I ever had issues with my internet. A 24hr check in policy would have been no good for me this past 2 weeks when my phone company could not be bothered to fix my line. I would have been left with a shiny good for nothing box and 5 games I could not play.

Yeah that would have been awesome ... NOT.

You all complain and say people ruined things ... and yet I am sure your tune would have changed the moment you had no access to what you paid for due to issues you could not control. Go through that 1st before saying opponents to MS plans were wrong and ruined things.

And as I said , there was no need for this all or nothing attitude from MS either. There is an easy solution for this which could be implemented now if they wished.

What would be wrong with them using as online / offline mode similar to what steam uses ??

If you were online connected to the net then sure install your physical discs and as long as you had internet be able to access your library without the need to have the disc in the drive.

If your internet went out , then you could use the offline mode which would require you to have the physical disc in your drive to provide licence ownership before you could play. Then once your internet returned you could go back to a discless system.

Its MS policy that needed work and the ability to cater for all parties that ruined it for everyone ... not those that spoke out that it was wrong to be forced to have a useless brick sitting in your living room just because you suffered an outage.

You know when you sign in on a a friends console on the xbox 360? Then when you sign back in on yours it says "was last signed in on another console" well maybe they could do the same with discs on the xbox one? You install a game on your console then thats it, you can remove it, but if you use that disc on another console it could say "was last played on another console, please insert disc to verify you still own it". Thinking about it tho how could they see what console its been in if it's not connected to the net. Never mind, i wish people didn't complain in the first place, i liked the direction they were headed, had mine pre ordered from the beginning.

Al Bundy Lives, You have a good point there, my nets always fine, but i do feel for the peeps with unstable net and would too be pissed if in there boots.

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