I Miss 1 VS 100

So what ever happened to "Xbox Live Primetime"? I remember it was announced a few years ago at E3 and first featured the popular TV game show, 1 VS 100. My buddies and I loved signing online at night on the weekends to play this game for hours on end and now I'm really starting to miss it. Please bring it back for one more "encore" season Microsoft! =) Any one else remember this game?


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You know what I miss more than that game show? Good music.

That was a fun little addiction with the family and friends on weekends. I suppose they have some elaborate plans in the works to bring it back but some form of red tape is withholding any further development.

I miss it. I loved playing it. Sucked I could never be the one because some states considered it "gambling" but I had a lot of fun with it and my friend. They should bring it back, or do more of the "Xbox Primetime" thing with other shows. Can you imagine the possibilities now with the kinect?

I loved that game. I remember bringing a group of friends and trying our best to answer those questions. Also seeing who could google the answers the fastest :P

It was pretty cool I didnt really play it alot but for people like you I guessed you want it back!

I'd like it back so I'd have a chance at the final few achievements.

Yeah I missed that game as well, I'm mad it's not around still :(

Used to log in as well and play with the family -- it was the one time we could prove our smarts over the typical physical competitions. I would adore playing that, Wheel of Fortune, or Jeopardy..