I made a big mistake.

Hello Everyone.

My name is Rob and I have been an owner of the original Xbox and the Xbox 360.  I loved both systems and since the original Xbox, I have been a loyal Xbox fan.

Back to the very first Halo, I was mesmerized by what Microsoft had accomplished and was genuinely excited for what the future held for Xbox.  When the 360 came out, I was not disappointed. In fact, that system exceeded my expectations.  It was a beautiful piece of hardware and I absolutely loved the Xbox community.  Fast forward to this last December.  It was not just the holidays for everybody else with Christmas on the horizon, but it was also the month of my birth.  For my 31st Birthday I wanted to give Playstation a chance. I am a bit of a nerd and was also an avid windows PC gamer and when I heard that the PS4 was "more powerful" than Xbox One, I wanted to give it a shot. 

I am sad to say that I was wrong. So. Very. Wrong.  With still some of the best game franchises exclusice to Xbox One, the introduction of the power of the cloud actually being implemented into a real game coming soon and the news of a brand new dashboard (Which looks absolutely gorgrous by the way) with a little help from Windows 10, I am once again stoked for the future of Xbox and reinvigorated with console gaming in a way I haven't felt since I was a kid.  In a way that Playstation hasn't satisfied me.

But I now have a problem. I have physical copies of games but also downloadable games on my PS4 and if I go to gamestop, I will get pennies on the dollar for my physical copies of my games and nothing for my downloaded games on PSN. I feel so upset. One because this was something I could have prevented by buying an Xbox One as I had bought the last two Xbox consoles.  And two. I just feel like a complete idiot.  I want to apologize to Microsoft not trusting how awesome you would make the next generation Xbox.  A Microsoft employee may or may not ever read this plea. But I beg of you consider letting me trade in me and my wife's PS4s and all our games, and give me the credits on the Xbox Store online to download all my games over again, but this time on the best console in the world, and I promise I will never stray from Xbox ever again.

Thank You for listening even if you decide to decline my proposal.  Keep up the great work guys and girls at Microsoft.  Maybe someday I'll be able to switch back to you, I just don't have the money right now.  To the forum community, please don't judge me too harshly. I made a mistake. A big mistake, and I'm sorry.


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I have to say that this is a very, very rare thread around here, haha. We the community forgive you for the past indiscretion.

Now unfortunately there is no way Microsoft themselves will accept a trade in of those products, especially the digital content, but I would recommend going and seeing what your local retailer has on offer. Sure you're going to take a loss financially, but it could get you back to Xbox sooner.

If not, just save your jelly beans, keep the ps4 and buy the Xbox when it's viable. Good luck with it all!

So, a 31 year old wants MS to buy his PS4 downloads...???   And do what with them? Really... wow... society going flush down pooper.  Maybe MS will look after my car payments....    

Where is yur real account? 215 GS doesnt scream longtime xbox fan. Keep the PS4 and buy the one when you can. Feel sorry for those that got sucked into the whole power of the PS4 thing but its not like people probably didnt try and tell you to buy what YOU like not what everyone else likes or thinks is best.

I have one profile from 2006 - Indecency. It was a long time ago. That might be it.

< This one - derp me

Good choice, the PS4 is extremely overrated, it's only doing well because Sony & its fanbase hype the living crap out of it.

So the real point of this thread is you want somebody to reimburse you for your ps4 which isn't going to happen.  Your best bet is try to sell it on eBay

my suggestion is to keep the ps4, and save your money for an xb1. the other suggestion is to sell the ps4 to a family member, friend, or co worker. also you can sell online. there is also nothing wrong with owning both systems.

If you thin that was a Big Mistake you Don't Want ta meet my ex ...

Imagine that. More Gamer Entitlement.

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