I love Xbox One! Just one complaint

Installing games take too long! When you buy a game, you want to get right into it! Seems that is no longer the case. Huge installation is required for these games. BF4 looks amazing and plays great though in 64 player matches! Overall I am impressed!

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Love you man, keep the love coming.

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Well, that's the downside of mandatory installs indeed. At least most titles will let you start playing while they install, but how early that is depends a lot on the game.

A "linear" game that knows where exactly you are starting will start faster than something like... CoD or BF, in which you might play any of the maps available.

From what I've seen the installs (while unavoidably slow because they're huge) aren't quite as slow as they seem, it's because they download a big day one update before they even start installing, and then install and patch at the same time. It just doesn't actually tell you that's what's going on. It's the downloading that is running super slow because everyone is doing it at the same time. Hopefully once things calm down the speed a will pick up, but Forza let me start playing at about 15% complete so it's not too bad.