I just want some clarification.

Ok I have a set of the Afterglow wireless universal headphones/mic that I use with both my PS3 and my Xbox 360.  Now keep in mind that in order to get the chat to work with my xbox 360, I have to take the green chat cable that came with the headset and hook it to the controller itself.  Does that mean that I am ok as far as it being able to work with the adapter.  I know that with Warheads this is not the case as they are completely wireless.   I am just asking for some clarification on this issue as I have been reading many conflicting reports.


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I am asking if it will work with the adapter they are putting out early next year by the way.

That's the word so far, that the adapter will allow existing chat connections to function.

Ok all I have heard is that Turtle Beach this and that.  I am not trying to shell out $100 to $150 for a new one if I can help it.

Penello tweeted about it back in July. You're covered.

I really just wanted to make sure that other brands besides Turtle Beach were covered as I have never been a fan of TB.

And just remember you can still use your headset to listen to in game audio and chat, you just won't be able to use it to chat back.

That is why I was asking about the adapter as it is for the chat function Slimy.  I will use the one that comes in the box if I am playing online until the adapter comes out and then I will put that one up and use my Afterglow wireless ones as they hook to the Xbox Controller for chat.

Once there adapter comes out, you'll just hook your headset up through that for chat