I hope Sony has to go first at this year's E3

It was a very slick move by Sony to have Microsoft go first at last years E3 console reveal. They seriously exploited all of Microsoft's missteps and used it to their advantage while appearing to come off as the gamers best friend. However I know that business is cut throat and it's all about getting one up on the other guy, and I don't hate Sony as I do plan to get a Playstation 4 one day, but I feel like the current lead they have on the Xbox One is partly because of their tactic rather their product. Microsoft however could have done a better job of presenting the Xbox One minus all of the demands and limitations they first tried to impose upon the gaming world. I feel they probably thought most of those changes would be for the good of the gaming industry, but doing a few focus group sessions and getting opinions from gamers of all ages would have shown them the best way to go without having to do all of those reversals in the end. It all really put a bad mark on an outstanding console right out of the gate. I do believe they have learned from that experience and hope they have done their homework to "bring it" this year. In my opinion Playstation has less stellar games than Xbox right now, the Xbox can accomplish more innovative things than the Playstation and only real difference between the two is price. It really comes down to who feels the kinect is worth the extra $100 and who doesn't. I feel it adds a distinct uniqueness to the system and though it may not be perfect, it does feel next gen by offering something new and different to the gaming experience.


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I'm pretty sure MS always went first. I just recall every year being pumped for Xbox announcements while watching Sony fail to deliver to me as a consumer.

MS will rock it this year no doubt, they have a more direct focus over the past few years.

Having Sony win over the casual market with PS4 lit a fire under their bum.

I'm not really concerned with Microsoft beating out Sony, I just want to see what amazing games will come out for the Xbox One.

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Don't care just bring more great games

Xbox is going to get an amazing line up announced no matter what. I hope that Sony can deliver something other than indies given their financial struggles. It will be a very exiting day for gamers. I can't wait!

As long as both announce some really exiting new games I don't care what happens. I not going to lie for the past 3-4 years Sony has had the much better exclusives (this is just my opinion). I can't see that changing to be honest. However I would like it if Microsoft would not talk about entertainment services and live NFL crap on your Xbox. I want them to just announce games games games and more games (as long as there no kinect only).

For Sony I don't want them talking sales figures I just want them to announce games games games for PS3 I want them to announce games games games for Vita and I want them to announce a truck load of games games games for PS4. Also talk a bit about Project Morphious and and PlayStation Now as they have my attention.

Yeah MS *** up last E3... however, their plan WILL BE the plan in use for all forms of gaming sooner or later. They just tried too much ~ too fast. Also, you are correct n the fact Sony played their cards perfect... dropping the PS eye (was included at a higher price), thus lowering the price, and the gamble that the memory they use was going to be readily available...  Everything had to fall into place with them to come out on top and it did....

Now the fun begins.. as a majority believes that X1 was not due out till 1st quarter ~ 2nd quarter 2014...

dont care much for consoles wars nor do i care what is announced for the other console - i just want great games to be announced for the one.

How did MS *** up E3 last year it was about the games. Sony just mock MS and show of Indies.  

MS did a great showing last year, there was just a lot of nitwits that were so distraught with the original policies that they didn't care to see what they showed.

19 Games, straight through besides showing Games with gold, smartglass, upload & twitch.

Out of the 19 games, 13 were exclusive, and 11 of them are playable now, not even a year later.

Meanwhile it took Sony 30 minutes to get to its games and it was boring until they started taking jabs at MS.

I believe that E3 will be heavy on hardware and specs talk. It will have more info on virtual reality gaming and exclusive deals with one on one relationships with gaming companies. All this coming from both PS  and XBOX.

Every year I am less interested in gaming and every year I am never disappointed. The bottom dollar was number one last E3, now securing the consumers for long long term sales or just $$hort term, while reassuring them that our product is the top of the line ''next gen console'' is the next move. No better place to begin but E3. They will use the next cod to show off the ONE and its power(specs). PS will show how it's machine handles speed and power. I'm no ps fan so I really don't know what one game ps will use to push its side of the specs debate I expect.

Well I wish I could be there but o'well.

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