I have two Xbox Ones, but have a Live questiin?!

If my tag is on both consoles any other gamertag has gold access?!  IE: Im gaming downstairs and using my gamertag, wife logs on upstairs with her gamertag thats not gold, but my gamertag is also on that one as well.  She has full gold access because my tags on there?!


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She will only have gold on the console you have set as the home console. If she only plays on one console then set that as your home console.

This is done in settings app

Outside of that, its just a marker for shared gold?!  Like if I do majority of my gaming on the non shared one I wont miss something?!

The home console setting just means you can share gold and i think it lets you use downloaded games offline. As long as you are connected to live on the other console everything will work as it should

So she can be on the home console with gold privies, and I can still game under my tag on the other at the same time?  Just making sure.  :-D

Yup thats how I have it setup

Thank you