I have some questions about account transfer from 360 to One(if it will exist).

1. Will your Xbox 360 account link to your Xbox One account if there is a way to identify that you're the same owner of the two accounts?

2. If you have different GTs, will it link? If you have the same GTs, will it link?

3. Will the Xbox One display your Xbox 360 information if you link your accounts? If so, where? Public, private, friends only ect. 

4. Can you put your 360 account on your Xbox One account? (weird question, but this is just for personal information that you want to see).

5. Will everything that was on your 360 profile(gamerscore, bio, friends, ect.) be mentioned on the Xbox One?


I have more questions, but I can't think of any at the meantime. I just have one random question: If you get the Xbox One and want to give your 360 away, how do you take off your personal info off the console? Do you have to take the accessories, delete it, move it, ect. I want to give it to my brother but I will play on Xbox One, making him play it and him playing on my account. The question isn't somewhat related to the sentence but it just seems weird that someone that is not me will be playing on my account.


I want to get an Xbox One but I want to be more informed on what I'm about to purchase. Thanks.


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Your account will be the same on both consoles.

I.e - gamerscore, GT, Info. Pretty much everything.

Really? That was simple. Thanks.

The only difference is that Xbox One "achievement-gets" recorded on the DVR will not be viewable on 360.

K I got 360 but get xbox one n had to get new account how do I get all my dlcs from 360 to go to xbox one n have my new account go to 360 to??