I have no luck with 360 controllers

I decided to come here and ask whether or not if you guys have problems like I do with the 360 controller. Over the 5 years I've gamed on the Xbox 360 (close to 6 years actually) I had went through 4 controllers, and the main reason is because of the analog sticks. Most of the time it's the left analog stick, what happens is that it'll drift, move on its own, or wont let me move into certain locations. 

I love the design of the 360 controller, it feels perfect in my hand, but every controller I get, the left analog turns to crap. Anyone here deal with the same problem? I'm not to mad about it, but it's quite annoying. I'll be on my 5th controller soon, and it's not going to be a microsoft made one. I decided to get a cheap controller for the time being as I can't be bothered to waste money on a new controller right now. 

Anyways, discuss. Also, when I purchased my Xbox 360 s a few years back, my controller ended up breaking on me within a few months of owning it. :(


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I do have that problem, but not to the extent you have had. I still have my first black wireless controller which I got to match my Xbox 360 S but I have found that the left analog stick will sometimes get stuck slightly off centre, making my character/screen move slowly in whatever direction it is stuck on. However, it is easily fixed, as I just have to correct it.


Same for me been through several controllers. Last MS one I bought was when they redid the controller the with transformable D-pad. Couldn't stand Assassin's Creed whichever one since the joystick wouldn't return to center and my character would jump to his death or hop out of cover. So I bought it hoping the other problems were also addressed Opened it up and same exact spring cages as previous controllers.


Eventually went wired with a Razer Onza which I later replaced with the Sabertooth. Put easily as much time on the Sabertooth as my most used official wireless and the sticks still return to dead center. Plus the Sabertooth has all the bind-able extra buttons and triggers. Also more importantly feels almost identical to the 360 controller, but better in the few areas that needed some improvement. Was the biggest hang up I had with the Onza was it wasn't as comfortable as the official wireless.

Honestly, since my controller is a Limited Edition (C-3PO Limited edition, came with my R2-D2 Xbox) I'm gonna have it repaired if I have problems. I'll have it repaired until it just falls in pieces, unless they want like 50 bucks for a controller to be repaired, then I will buy a new controller.