hi this is my first post I am trying to keep the community safe and my friend was a victim of these two xbox live players luckly me and my friend were able to fix the problem  but here are the Gamertags of these two so watch out my fellow players they pray on pepole desperate for games and who want to license transfer my friend learned his lesson in the end if you wondering but heres there gamer tags [GT Removed] - Do not name and shame on the forums. 


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Firstly you cannot use this forum to name and shame other users.

Secondly,in my opinion,if someone is willing to give out their account details in order to steal from microsoft,they deserve everything they get.

These "criminals" are not stealing accounts at all, if they are being given them willingly by the account holder.

Both users in the license exchange can get a permanent xbox live ban.

Hello there llSonOfApolloll

OWEN is correct, users found to be exploiting the service for illegitimate means will find themselves in trouble. Filing a complaint and blocking communications (using the consoles tools) will flag a user and send them to the PET whom will conduct a very thorough investigation and take the appropriate action necessary once they reach a conclusion to their investigation. Blocking a user will prevent any further communications.

I hope that helps.

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A fair few thieves , hackers and glitchers being "Found" just lately , think they need to buff their hide & seek skills a tad .

Indeed, Block, Avoid and, Report the offending gamers.

Your games of choice have a history of violations.........  

Be careful and GOOD LUCK!!!