I have been passed from pillar to post

Can you tell me where i do go to Debate a suspension as a customer i have the right to reply as  per my statuatory rights, i have saved all emails from you and other forums and await a satisfactory response, i will not be told to go to one forum to the next without satisfaction. as i have said many times before i Know the reason i was banned But i see no prior warning to remove the offending word. which would have seen the word removed without hesitation. it seems like you only publish what you can ban correctly on your forums why is there nowhere for the customer to debate the ban, in my opinion this is wrong. dont try to direct me back to the suspensions page again as i have already said they can only tell you why you were banned and i already know that i want to speak to the organ grinder not the monkey, i beleive you have breached my right to reply so please stop messing me about. to be completely honest i will not let this go and will be on here daily untill i get a satisfactory response.


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Account Suspension Forums.

Edit- you say you already Posted there? if that's the case, you have your answer. No appeal, no rights, Private/ Intellectual Property.

Good luck either way.

Technically in the Account Suspension forum they will only tell you the reason you were banned, they will not answer or debate any other issues.

Im sure that to ban someone from a service they pay for for something so minor they must be warned, i was a member in other pay services and they had to first warn you before you were suspended. to say no appeal no rights is ludicrous do we live in a police state? or does microsoft think we do?

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Im sure that to ban someone from a service they pay for for something so minor they must be warned...


You were. It was called the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. You got them prior to ever creating your Profile. That is your one and only Warning of what not to do or what to do.

And no, a "Police State" is one where the Government tells a Private Corporation that it must disclose their Private Business (what you want). Microsoft or any other Company is not the "State". Sorry but you seem to be confused between the difference of a Private/ Intellectual Property and the Laws regarding such matters.

I agree that a email warning should be sent.


However I also understand Microsoft's position in that they gave a warning when you agreed to the Terms of Use.

i said nothing that i find offensive and what people do find offensive varies greatly worldwide, an email with a warning to remove the word someone obviously found offensive would have seen it removed.a simple email a simple change no problem, instead microsoft just makes a ban and makes a problem. if i was to report all things i found offensive i would be on here all day.