I have been banned for a misunderstanding!

I have been banned on the only account that i play on. I am a 15 year old kid and i understand that stealing is wrong, on the other hand, my brother who is 6 years old still does not. I got one of my friend's account to help him in a game and that's it. when i left my house to go to a friends for a couple of nights my brother when on the account and bought two games on the account. when i came back i got banned and i told him the story and he said he forgives me. He called Microsoft and got his money back and everything was solved, EXEPT I WAS BANNED. I understand the term and services but this was a complete misunderstanding and accident, so please lift my ban so i can enjoy playing xbox again. Please. Thank You.

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You will need to post this is in the Account Suspension Forums.

Please be sure to read the Sticky posts first.

I will point out that you admitted to a violation right here.  You're not allowed to access other people's accounts.


H. Fraud & Commerce

  • Accounts and Gamertags are non-transferable. Do not purchase accounts or Gamertags from third parties.
  • Do not access or attempt to access accounts that you do not own.
  • Do not purchase Xbox Live Gold memberships, games, Microsoft Points, or any additional content from unauthorized third parties.
  • Do not attempt to use or share fraudulent methods to obtain content or Microsoft Points.
  • Do not use your account to trade services or in-game content for currency or Microsoft Points.
  • Do not use Xbox Live for any commercial purpose:
    • You may only create an account for yourself as an individual.
    • You may not create or use an account for your corporation or any other business entity.
    • You may not advertise any product or service in your profile or by any other means on Xbox Live.
  • Do not resell or redistribute any part of the Live Service or access to the Live Service.