I have an idea that might help with the friends list

With current Xbox live friends system, when you accept a friend request you put this person into a pool of different people. To find this person you have to scroll down pass all your friends until you find the specific one. However, why not have a sectioning system? 

say you have a group of IRL friends who know who you are. well you would make a section called 'irl friends' and only selected people can go in that section. another example could be if you are in control of a clan. to keep your clan separate from your other friend you can create a section called 'the clan' or whatever you want and then put your clan in to that section. Even further, if you need to send a message to that group of people you can select the section and send a message through that method. 

tell me is this a good idea? i don't really know, but it seems pretty good to me.

Regards tootiecornet4


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It does sound like a good idea to me.  If you want Microsoft to know about any ideas you have, you need to post them on the Xbox feedback site. http://xbox.uservoice.com/  You should also vote for any posts that have similar ideas.  That way they get more exposure, and are more likely to be adopted.

ok thanks will do