I have a somewhat ethical question I'd like to ask...

Hi all – I wanted to reach out and get some feedback from those of you willing to share your thoughts.

I’m in the process of launching a game studio. At the same time, I’m would also like to start a gaming website that caters to console gamers in general. Do you think it would be unethical to have a site set up reviewing games, and presenting our opinions, thoughts and ideas in regards to games made by other studios if on the same site we are sharing info on the progress of our own game titles…? Should we keep the two separate?

We all love console gaming, and while other game studios would be considered completion, we don’t deny that we play games made by other developers and would love to share our thoughts and gaming experiences with their titles as well.



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Keep the two separate. No one would take your game serious if your bashing the competition with poor reviews.

Ha ha... and that was part of the dilemma I was thinking of to a certain extent... Thanks!

Also, do not review the games your own company makes either. Just use reviews that are linked from outside sources.

Good point! In terms of our games, we are looking to do Viddocs, previews, and demos/betas. I'd really like it to be more open community based. We'll leave reviews of our titles to the other publications because if we were to finish a game and then review it and give it a perfect score, no one would take us seriously - Thanks!