I have a question....

So I know so many people have probably asked this question.... But how exactly do you get friends on xbox online??  The people I know do aren't "gamers". Any advice on how to get "friends"?


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this forum is a start, you can list what games you're interested in

I am not a hardcore gamer, I play games for fun and that's it RP, KDR's and points don't matter much to me. Add me if you want. :)

What's always worked for me is simply talking. When I join a public lobby, I'm often friendly and helpful. In-game, I'm all about playing smart and communicating as a valuable member of the team - for example, I'll call out enemy locations. If you're flying solo, it helps to show respect towards and even congratulate the competition - don't let your emotions take control, as they can cost you dearly. If you see a new player, you can even offer advice if you're knowledgable about the game itself. Even if many of the players don't respond in turn, you'd be surprised at how many people will send you positive messages or start following you. Many of them may even invite you to more games or add you as a friend! Just steer clear of those who would violate the XBL CoC by cheating, being rude, or taking advantage of others and/or the system - those are the players you DON'T want to respond to; for them, simply mute, block, and report as necessary. Do that, and you help make XBL a better place without giving them the opportunity to retaliate against you (since they won't even realize that you're taking appropriate action against them).

That's what's worked for me anyways - and I've had hundreds of friends over the years. ;)

The majority of my friends list was because I chatted in the actual game. I don't do that as much anymore because people can be annoying at times, but I've met some really cool people chatting in game. But yeah, you got this forum as well as various other sites to meet other people who game on Xbox. :)

These forums are a good place to start, many of us on here play games together, stick around, we're nice, mostly lol.

Like Galactic mentioned just chatting in open mic games.  I made tons of friends in multiplayer shooters. But also helps getting tons of MVP's as well.  Sometimes to many friends can be tough as well since I was close to 300 last year on XBOX1.  I trimmed it back down to 70ish.  Figure if we don't chat much within the month or person vanishes for a year or so I drop them.  Kind of a bad rule but other wise I probably be maxed out at a 1,000.  I know if 360 had no limit I probably would of been a 1,000 on there.  Or message board is another way to get added or join clans.  People seem to come and go as well.  I use to always have a full party chat of 8 on 360.  XBOX1 seems like everyone is for them selves.  Very seldom I been in a party chat of no more then 5.  Seems like tons of people going solo or playing different games so nothing in common lately.