I Had Faulty X1 Disc Drive, But No Free Game From Microsoft

So I had one of the faulty disc drives where it started making a loud noise when I put a disc in. Sometimes the disc would play and sometimes it wouldn't So after talking to Xbox Support, they said I could use the "Advance Exchange Program" where they would send me a new Xbox One console. When I received the new console, there was a letter included that said at the bottom:

"We have included a complimentary one month Xbox Live Gold membership card as a gesture of our appreciation. If you already have an Xbox Live membership, you can use this card to add to your subscription."

However, there was no Xbox Live membership card.

I contacted Xbox Support and they explained that sorry, somebody made a mistake and you don't get the one month gold membership.

Then I asked, what about the free game I've been reading about all over the news? Aren't I supposed to get a free game because of the faulty disc drive? After checking with their supervisor... sorry, that program is over, you don't get a free game. (Then they tried to get me excited about the Games for Gold program which is coming to Xbox One in the future - which hardly worked because everybody gets that, not just people with faulty hardware, and also because it's already been announced.)

So although they replaced the console quickly, I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth because Microsoft hasn't followed through with the stuff THEY said I would be getting.

"Hey, we're going to give you a free month of Xbox Live! Hey we're going to give you a free game too! ... Oh, wait... you know what, never mind. You're not getting that stuff after all, even though we told you that."


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It's weird about the card.  A one month membership is such a small token, so it's odd they wouldn't at least give u that.  

I am sorry to hear about that. But to be fair they did state the free game was only a limited time. It was a nice gesture by MS to even offer it in the first place. You can't blame them for that because they only did it for launch really.

So an update, they said this offer for the free game was good through 12/31/2013.  However I still think that I should get the free month of Xbox Gold that the letter said I would be receiving, so they had me send in a photo of the letter and they will get back to me.  At least I finally got some answers.