i had 2 achievements disappear while my hacked live account was being investigated

i earned both of these achievements during the down time while microsoft was investigating the unauthorized access on my live account. from what i have found online, those 2 achievements are tied to the console that my account was being used on during that down time and the only way to get them back is to login on that console. obviously i cant do that because it was someone else using my account. i was told i would have to re-unlock them. that sucks but oh well, i was willing to do it. one of them was the "asari ally" achievement for mass effect, i did it again and it did not unlock. the other was "a minument to all your sins" for halo reach. i was hoping that i could just load up the game and either it would recognize my game save and see that i already have all levels beaten on legendary solo, or maybe i would have to replay the last bit of the last level or any elvel just so that it could register again. somehow, it is now showing that i havent even completed those levels on legendary solo. i dont understand how my game save that is on my hard drive could reflect that. the game saves are on my profile and have nothing to do with xbox live, you cant share game saves via xbox live. atleast not how micrososft intended anyway. so how did that happen?


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How did you unlock achievements on a console that was used by the person who accessed your account without authority?

i unlocked them on my console offline while my live account was being used on another console. so apparently they are tied to that other console that the hacker was using. what i dont get is how my actual gamesave is somehow affected by this. the game save is on my hard drive and has nothing to do with live.

That's true, if you hadn't been online I'd suggest playing the game without the H.D.D. in which might work although since you've logged in your problem might be indexed.  Try it anyway.  Once you have the achievements you want put the H.D.D. back in.


Specifically without using your current saved game or allowing communication between the device it's on and LIVE.

Sorry I didn't explain, what's happened is you've logged into LIVE with a saved game that occured during a time that you were both offline and online, because your account was in use by another player, so you've had a false index, the machine thinks your achievement was awarded because you were online and won't check back, why would it.  You however were offline.  It might be that you can't win because an index check was made to consolodate your account status but it might also be the case that with a new save, had it not been indexed, you can force a ping on it so your achievement will be awarded.  You see you can't be both I/O to a computer unless it's programmed to be loose.  Get the acievement while you're online to give it an true date.

well i did redo one of the achievements and it did not unlock again. the other one will require me to replay 6 levels of halo reach on legendary solo, which i do NOT want to do again if it isnt going to give me the achievement. from the sounds of it i am screwed.

The system won't look again, the index file says you've got it and the check shows you were online so it was awarded.