I got my Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition early!

As the title says. Who wants to be my friend? @distelcles on twitter!

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cool story bro.

very cool story bro, you and everyone else who pre-ordered Call of Duty on X1. This isn't news.

I can go buy one at the store now if I wanted to.. Haha. Not that special, sorry.

Somebody else has the new COD!!!!!????? OMG!

Got the Xbox One to play it on?

Thought not.......

ya, gamestop gave me my copy today when i finished paying off forza :) although, i think it's making the wait worse being all green as *** sitting by my tv. "being i had no 360 games left" :) ohwell, it'll be a glorious launch!

This thread makes me Cichlid: Hardened Edition