I got DDOSed yesterday

His gamer tag is [Mod Removed], last night at about 7:30 pm he DDOS my firends I, I have norton Anti virus and my firewall protection told me his attacking ip address and a website or sever he was using. His ip address is [Mod Removed]. The website he used was [Mod Removed]. Please look into this person, I don't want to get my identity stolen or wish anyone else to be attacked by this person in the future. Thank you


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ddos attack lol????

do you even know what DDOS is?

first of all if it was a DDOS attack then you should be complaining at your ISP since your service of internet was denied

Microsoft cant do anything about that neither can Xbox support...

go to your ISP file a complaint and make sure they start a investigation

xbox cant do anything against DDOS attack neither do u have any proof of this so called DDOS attack

also if your ISP (internet service provider) does find proof of a DDOS attack it will take legal action against the person who did this.

and then there is the question IF the person does actually get found because its really hard to do so...

hey, i typed in the same address, found this  and just want to say this to communalfour6,  maybe your right, maybe we wont find out who did this, maybe he should have complained to someone else,  so , now, maybe you need to not be a jerk about it!? , maybe people like us (evidently , i had reason to look up this site because my computer almost crashed?)  maybe we ( i assume he  or she the person who complained) is sick of people with meaningless lives , geeks who have one  "superpower"LOL and thats to  go around trying to hack peoples computers , people who work their @@@ off for what they have  and then someone they dont even know tries to steal  something or corrupt  files or whatever  and we might just be sick and tired of this crap and then we look for help and someone with an attitude ( like the computer guy from snl)  starts "sniping" instead of just being kind and offering friggin help  you have to be a jerk about it!!! im so sick of  "jaded" hypocritical , narcissistic people like you who always have a smart remark  from afar , guarantee you wouldnt talk to anyone this way were they in front of you but  get a computer line away and your  forgetting that someone asked for your help and you decide its time to belittle someone!! geez,    to the poor guy who asked for your help, i will do what you should have done here it goes, watch, read , learn,  were you and others to do so, this would be a better world!...................

hey  "Chateaufaux" ,  that really is too bad that your having to deal with this situation,   if i were you , id report this incident  and all the information from your "norton internet security"  to your  isp provider,  i also have norton and i will do the same,  if we work together , we might  stand more of a chance of stopping this person from stealing, corrupting or basically causing problems  for others as well,  i know i like to feel safe and when i dont   its  a sad state of affairs,  im sorry  for your problems  that youve dealt with  in this situation,   and  as another human being on this small rock , i sympathize,  and feel your pain ,  if the information ive provided you doesnt help, i apologize  in advance,  and hope the best for you  not only in this situation , but in life as well,  you dont , nor does anyone deserve this and  im sure if we stick together and follow through  with reporting this situation to the proper authorities  then eventually  they will get their  "just  rewards",  again,  not your fault it happened  and anyone who would act  ":snarky, better than,  or in any way  negative" towards you at this vulnerable time  is just a moron  and needs to get a grip,   thanks for trying  to solve your problem and doing the best you knew to do ,  i know that when this happens i  get frustrated and look for a way to make  these pathetic excuses for humanity who do hack  pay , it also saddens me that i cant  personally discuss these situations with these people as well,  i bet it would be the last  time they ever did anything of the sort again,  maybe i promise this!LOL,   hope your situation is resolved to your satisfaction and   have a great life,  sincerely , david horton  ( by no means a computer genius but does that make me a bad person,  i think not!) .........................now,  was that so hard?  nothing personal, but   look at this through  "Chateaufox's" eyes, put yourself there,   now read what you wrote ,  kinda rude huh?, rude enough for me to take all this time  "berating " you which i dont enjoy,  but i do  tend to speak up for people and i do tend to get tired of people thinking they are better humans because they know something that maybe others dont!!!! , im sure   he or she  knows  alot  of things you dont,   geez, im sure you wont look at this the right way, im sure you will come back with some  idiotic rant about  something , but i dont care, i wont be revisiting this  link,  so  , for "chateaufox" (dont know if this person even was bothered by your negativity but i was, nor do i know this person  really enough to speak for this person but i am anyway)   i bid you adieu and  now i will look and see how i can try and punish this person , this subhuman waste of oxygen who dares to target innocent, hard working members  of society and at the same time put them in contact with negative people such as yourself , all because they  " know how to use a friggin computer well enough to steal,  one day the laws will be better, there will be better security and they will have to go back to picking their boogers and eating them instead of   committing crimes on the internet,   have a great ddddddday...........

Ah wall of text couldnt be bothered to read.

But op you really cant put what you have in the forums.

1 you cannot "name and shame" gamertags here.

2 MS cannot deal with a DDOS attack it has to be your ISP.

3 You cannot link to content that is against the code of conduct

4 you cannot post personally identifiable content in the forums

wont post again, but i didnt shame anyone who didnt shame someone else,  ridiculous, if i need to i can stop buying microsoft  products , just let me know?  didnt intend to say anything , and if this person works for yall,  you might want to  work with them on people skills, just a suggestion,  i take your admonishment  and move on, email me if their is further punishment, to be honest,  i  can do with , or without xbox, just say the word...............

No-one in this thread is an employee of Microsoft. Only people with an X or an S as their 'Level' will be Microsoft employees.

You are not allowed to name and shame other players on the forums.

Use the dashboard reporting tools to report the player (go to their bio and select File Complaint then follow instructions)

DDoS attacks are illegal.  Contact your local law enforcement agency and report them.

Finally contact your ISP provider and tell them you were the victim of a DDoS attack.  They will issue you a new IP address.