I got an XB1 for my birthday!!! :D

Well, as some of you may already know, I turned 31 years old last week (got to see Ant-Man to celebrate - good movie, BTW). As of last night, I decided to use my birthday money (over $200 in cash + $50 in Wal-Mart gift cards) to finally get my own console (since, as many of you also already know, I've been using my twin brother's XB1 since he got his on Black Friday of 2013).

It's the 1TB HMCC bundle with the all new 3.5mm headphone jack controller. I already have the game, but I'm going to gift it to my brother so he can play it with me once we have both consoles set up. Also, since I love the Kinect and couldn't find all of the above with one, I bought it separately. Oddly enough, on Wal-Mart.com, the Xbox One Kinect sensor that comes with Dance Central Spotlight is actually cheaper than the 1 that doesn't come with it, so I'll be getting that game too. I don't know if I'll keep it yet though - I might gift that 1 to a dear friend of mine, whom likes dancing.

So, come Friday when it arrives, I'll have waiting for me:

1 Xbox One console w/1TB internal HDD
1 Xbox One 3.5mm headphone supported controller
1 digital copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection
1 Xbox One Kinect Sensor
1 Xbox One standard-issue headset
1 digital copy of Dance Central: Spotlight
...and all of the additional necessary cables

The original price was over $600 for all of the above, but due to the extra cash and gift-cards, I'm only spending ~$400 - that's not a bad haul, huh?

I wanted to get the Gears of War bundle, since that's a game I don't have yet, but I'm rather impatient and it doesn't come out until the end of August - add to that the fact that my brother wants his console back in the den really badly, where he and the rest of the family can use it to watch movies, it didn't give me much of a choice. To make up for it, however, my brother helped me pay for it, making it even cheaper. In exchange, I could use a portion of the money he gives me for the new Gears of War game when it does eventually release, while he gets the digital copy of HMCC.

I liked the idea of getting the Forza bundle too, but I've already pre-ordered the game, and don't really like the idea of my console making revving sounds when I turn it on and off (although I'm sure there are those who may like that kind of thing), so that idea was a no too.

My brother and I are also really big Minecraft fans, but he prefers playing on PC rather than the Xbox One. Unfortunately, my 40" HD TV isn't big enough for him when using split-screen with that game (we're forced to sit at least 6+ feet away from it due to my bed, where he has to squint his eyes in order to see; I'm used to it, however). He also prefers the PC version of crafting and calls the way the consoles do it "crafting for lazy people." Thankfully that latter issue was alleviated with the most recent update that allows console users to use "classic crafting" as if they were playing on the PC version (if you own the game and didn't already know this, you can adjust it under the user interface section of the options menu). Once I have my console set up in my bedroom, and his in the den, we can play Minecraft together without having to worry about the split-screen issue too (hence why I bring it up)! Even better, after Windows 10 releases and we both get access to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, we'll be able to play with each other, on our own preferred platforms, on worlds we couldn't previously access (and he has some really cool worlds on the PC), since the Xbox One and Windows 10 Editions will be cross-platform!

It's a great time to be an Xbox gamer! :D :D :D

Thanks for reading! ;)


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That is a fantastic deal.  There are so many good deals right now for those in the Xbox community looking to upgrade to Xbox One.  

Congratulations on getting your own 1TB MCC Xbox One Bundle & Kinect.  And happy belated B-Day GG.  Happy gaming on your own Xbox One

you will be game sharing... right??

I would like to, tohell, but trying to explain it to my brother has been a chore and, for now, he seems to be afraid to do it, since he doesn't fully understand it.

It sounds like you had a VERY happy birthday! Congratulations on being the proud owner of a shiny new X Box One, I'm sure you'll enjoy it...I guess you'd have to seeing as you've been playing one for the last year or so! ;-)

Edit: Game sharing is a must. While some of the mentioned scenarios in this forum sound a little shady...I believe M.S. intended it to work this way when multiple X1's are in the same household.

Game sharing is only meant for 2 consoles in the same house as far as I'm aware

Mr booz.. its a touchy thing...  for 2 years now people have game shared across the country.. even the world with no problem...

anyways....  he lives with his brother if I am correct..

Happy birthday and congratulations I guess on buying your own console, I hope you and it have many happy hours of gaming together.

Gratz on you r new toy and your birthday. Its been so long since I have been as happy as you I cant even remember the last time. I hope your happiness isnt fleeting and stays with you.

Nice one GG, I never knew you didn't own one yourself. I'd look at it like this, allot of games at a fraction of the price now, you'll also have your GWG history. I'm buying cross platform games for the XB1 now that my PS4 HDD is out of space, Alien isolation and Murder souls suspect? $10 each and frankly, I like both of them regardless of reviews.

Happy Birthday Galactic!!! Very nice haul!!!!!  

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