I found an weird Original Xbox console.........

I found this console while shopping at a flee market:


Thinking it was a *** up paint job, I almost passed it up until it's seller gave me an unbeatable price. Deciding to take the gamble, and bringing the console home, I found that the letters were not only painted but also engraved onto the unit itself. I decided to research what edition I have but found nothing. I checked Xbox special limited editions on Wikipedia (nothing). I checked every related posting on ebay (nothing). I typed what was on the console on google (nothing).

So I come to the community with one question: what is this version please?


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Looks like a regular one with a sticker on it. The engraving could easily be a home job. Sorry OP I don't think it is a special edition by the looks of it.

It's not a special edition.

It's just one that someone has customized themselves which used to be the "in thing" for while on the original xbox