I dont know where to go Or what to do but here you go with this complaint.

I Love xbox. But everytime I call Someone over on support messes up my issue. I HATE TALKING TO THEM AND I LOVE YOUR COMPANY! I want so bad to not get mad but when More then 90% of the time I try to fix or something or complain on my accounts I get no where but mad. No respect is how I feel when I AM THE ONE PAYING! I have made more then 10 friends move to Xbox just to play with me and love telling them of my experiences with your games and comunity. Now I I just got off the phone again and I GOT NO WHERE!!!! My gamer tags are griever4200 and Littlegmann. Both of which I have made complaints and gotten Very mad. Now I cant get into my sons account after your update. It asks for email and password and it keeps telling me its wrong. I called to try to resolve this and NOTHING! You can take a look at my facebook because this is will be there if you dont fix or do something with the issues with support and respect. When a customer is paying and living pay check to pay check there is no room for mistakes with you. I am frustraded and want to know how to resolve this without leavin this companys great gaming system. After the Battlefield 3 competion I will be leaving and selling my systems to get another PS3, after I left them cause your network is so great. I also HAD TO RE-BUY BORDERLANDS EXPANSION PACKS I ALL READY BOUGHT! I called and they said I probably played it at someone elses house. BEFORE THIS ISSUE I NEVER MOVED MY ACCOUNT AND ONLY PLAYED ONLINE FROM HOME! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? I lost Money to you because my son bought stuff he shouldnt. So I called up to cancle the credit card so it doesnt happen again and they turned off the rest of the month. So I asked to to turn it back on so he can play the rest of the month till I get a card from the store and the man told me he couldnt let me get it back on without paying again. I have all ready paid for this month and he was telling me this. Then This man tells me to buy the deal on the market because its cheap this month. THATS NOT WHAT YOU TELL SOMEONE WHO ALL READY PAID FOR ONLINE SERVICES. Go AHEAD check it out. I am getting mad again typing this and telling you my experience and now feel that waiting to post this is pointless cause you wont listen or respect that not all customers are cheats. I am mad at this. Very. Now I dont care if I misspelled or ranted on. I am mad that this is still happening. I dont care if your having problems this week with peoples signing in the person I was talking to should have noted this to me on the phone. I dont look at the forums at all IM TOO BUSY PLAYING YOUR GAMES! So dont tell me where or what to do with this, Fix it. Dont tell me im wrong when IM LOOSING MONEY HERE NOT YOU! AND DONT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN WHEN THERE IS NOTHING EVER DONE WITH MY COMPLAINTS! Your the one putting this anger in me when I pay to play. I dont cheat in my games or mod or anything unethical and I still get crapped on. I dont get why your support line has givin me this problem with MORE THEN 1 WORKER! Come on now. I am not going to sit here and list all The #'s you give me just so you can get the info right. YOU SHOULD HAVE IT RIGHT! I  AM THE STUPID CUSTOMER! YOU ARE THE SMART ONE ON THE COMPUTER FIXING MY PROBLEM! WHY SHOULD I KNOW MORE THEN MY NAME, BIRTHDAY AND EMAIL ADDRESS+ Password. I am so frustrated.


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umm massive great wall of text, Might want to redo it. most probably won't bother reading it