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Today i got an all fronts Map pack (4 Map packs ) for my birthday,From a friend who's in US.He went to Gamestop and personally bought it for me.Now i cannot download it because my area is region blocked...

Now as much as this pains for me to see but i see that i've never been informed about this.I'd pay the same amount of money anyone in the UK does but i do not get the same (Not even near!) experience as they do.my country isn't supported by xbox live.Why's it then being SOLD?If it's not being supported and will give everyone a bad experience of gameplay (insane lag,No DLC'S etc etc)...

I'm sorry but,is there any fix to this?i want to download my DLC as anyone else in this world can do it.I want toget the same experience as anyone else as i have payed the same EXACT money as anyone else in the UK did.


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To the OP, if what you say is true. Well your friend didn't do any research. Most know that other countries outside of the US have blocks on certain content.

I did a couple search on the marketplace and found several help topic on block content. Everything is based on region and if your friend didn't do enough research on his gift then I think you should talk to him.

Now about the only thing xboxlive(microsoft) could do is allow a trade for equal content that your region can get, but I really doubt that will happen.

You could ask, but do expect the answer you want.

Always review the small print of a transaction involving non-physical goods.  Learnt a hard lesson.

This entire story seems a little bit on the odd side. Wonder if any services were traded in exchange for MS points...

That wont solve your problem, most region locks on Xbox are based on IP address, not where the region your Xbox Live account is set to.

make an account with his address problem solved

As the code was bought in the US and not in your region, you must have had some inkling that it wasn't available in your region, otherwise you would have been able to buy it locally yourself.

There is no way around this AFAIK, but at least you know for the future to double check your region compatibility before making any purchases.

When you go to www.GameStop.com and look up any DLC for Xbox LIVE, it says Downloads to U.S. addresses only. The codes are only able to be used in the region it was purchased. A person from the United States cannot use a code from the United Kingdom.

The lag you speak of is not Microsofts fault. It would be your Internet Service Provider. Now I can understand being paired up with people over seas and then getting a bad connection. Many games now have options for pairing up with local gamers to provide a better connection.

I dont think MS is at fault here, I think it depends on the UK laws, regulations and whatnot.