I could do with the answer to two questions.

1. Do the extra downloadable characters come on the disc for Street Fighter IV : Arcade Edition, or do they come via codes? Its just that I have a seen a pre-owned copy for £9.99 and I wouldn't mind buying it, but only if its all on disc as I already have SSFIV.


2. Has anybody played El Shaddai and is it any good? I like the look of it and I don't mind that it isn't a AAA title, but I don't really want to waste time on a turd.




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If its the actual full retail release game edition they they are on the disc, you can also download the arcade edition update as dlc if you had the SSF IV game. No idea to the second question soz

I believe el shaddai got good reviews in general. Edge magazine gave it 8 or 9 out of ten.

@ CC.....yeah its the full retail game, nice one. My copy of SSFIV is as good as new so I'm gonna palm it off on a nephew for Christmas and buy myself the Arcade Edition lol. You know it makes sense!!!


@ SFA.....cheers mate. I didn't know how favourable the reviews would have been, as it looks like quite a quirky, leftfield type of game. But I like different and the game looks beautiful. Nor do I take reviews too seriously.

While i tried El Shaddai, i couldnt get into, saying that the game looks outstanding and if your into hack and slashing and platformer type things id say at least give it a go