i cant believe all the free stuff others are getting...

just kidding i can honestly care less. but i wish the xbox one release date was sooner. i want to start using those nfl fantasy football features already. the season is moving way too fast. >.< idk if theres other nfl addicts out there. just thought id vent.


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I was going to start a fantasy team just to utilize the features but I didn't know what to do.. Haha

just setup on up via nfl.com. then you will be put into a fantasy league with others, unless you know of people who want to start a league. then you go through the draft which you can pick, or have it automatically selected for you. being able to watch each of your fantasy players stats change live is awesome.

I really wanna do it with people I know or am familiar with rather than strangers. I'm not good. Like the only time I played my 1st round pick was Brett Favre.. Haha. That was his official last season. Like the one he sucked in.

hahaha. that happened to me this season. i got stuck with eli manning. smh.

I added you on Live so I hope that's cool with you!