I can't receive messages.

This is an error I've never come across before.  I have a scheduled FIFA 12 match and my opponent and I can't connect.

Now for the more important part whenever he would invite me to the match, I wouldn't receive the notification that says "(Gamertag) wants to play FIFA 12" as I usually should.  I then sent him multiple messages on xbox and I get nothing back.

So I sign out and sign back in I magically have 11 unread messages from him.  I even got into a party with one of my friends and he sent me a message and I didn't get it until I signed out and signed back in.

I've looked up this problem and all the solutions say is to sign out and sign back in and that should fix the problem, I've tried that numerous times and I still have the problem.

Can anyone help me out?  Any help would be appreciated



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I forgot to add.  Yes, I have notifications on.

My 1st question would have been notifications!

try using the support forums, you may get an answer a bit faster!

Sorry i`m no help, but at least you got a reply!

try this though

On the my xbox tab go to the tab next to open tray and hit A (On your xbox by the way)

Go over to online safety

Make sure voice and text are set to allowed (You might want to turn this off then back on if this feature is already turned on)

Double check all these settings to make sure they are set the way you want them.

its late and takes a little longer for my brain cells to work!  lol

hope this helps