I can't decide

Hey all. I was wondering whether I should buy the Xbox 720 or 360? I have a white Xbox from 2007 and to be honest it has seen better days. But if I get a new one would that be better because I have all these cool games like ac3 halo 4 and bo2. My birthday is soon so that would b a good time to ask. I also know that I can transfer my current data to the 720 by using a transfer cable or 16 gig USB. So if anyone knows where to get one of those can u please tell me? Also, what's your opinion. 720 or 360?

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How do you KNOW that you can transfer your data with a usb cable to the new xbox?? I know you can do that with the 360 because NOBODY outside of microsoft suits know what the new xbox can and can't do... As for what you should get, i'm assuming since your birthday is coming and you still get gifts by asking for it than you're better off getting a 360 now... As of yet we really don't know if microsoft will release a new xbox this year, people speculate that to be the case only because sony will be... But remember the ps3 and the 360 were not released at the same time...


Also, if they do release it this year it would be in the Fall and it's very likely that it would cost in the 400-500 range, with less than stellar games at 1st., not to mention that if the rumors hold true, it will not be backwards compatible so you wouldn't be able to transfer any save games you might have... You can get a new 360 now (don't see why you would want to if your old one still works) for 250 or less, with some stellar games on top of it...think about that.


lol..... my advice would be not to buy a new 360 unless it breaks i.e not playable and save your money for when the new console comes out

We have absolutely no info on it yet. We still need an announcement.

Let me know where you can get hold of a 720? I'd even be up for catching a flight to wherever you are to get one...