I am willing to buy the gamertag [Mod Removed]

I am willing to buy the gamertag "OpTic Jewel". Looking to buy the gamertag, [Mod Removed], for personal reasons for $200. If anyone knows how to get it, who has it, if they have it, please contact me at [Mod Removed]


Mod Edit: Please do not post personal information on the forums. Thank you.


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The buying & selling of gamertags is against the terms & conditions & will result in a ban for both people.It's the reason why unused gamertags are not released now.

Also,do not post personal info like your email address on the forums.

Daft Badger is correct.


I have removed your email address from your post as it is against the forum rules to share personal information. I am going to lock this thread due to the nature of it. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


Many thanks,