Hulu Plus app broken?

Hulu Plus app will randomly skip forward a couple minutes. Is anyone else having this problem?

The sound from the TV is not causing it, because the Xbox icon never comes up. My internet connection is running strong. I re-installed the app. Please advise.


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I can't be the only one this is happening to...

You're not alone :)

I've also experienced this problem when attempting to watch 3 different shows at different times.  I've got a strong connection as well (30 down, 5 up), but I haven't tried reinstalling the app.  Getting killed at work and might not be able to play with the Xbox until tomorrow evening, but will try that when I get a chance and post back.

I've also had some different playback issues with Twitch and Netflix.  I just keep telling myself it's only been a week since the console came out, but we also only have a few more weeks to decide whether or not to keep it :-/

This is happening to me every show that I watch.

I haven't had any problems watching shows, but I have to launch the app three or four times to get it to work.

People still actually pay for Hulu?  Wow.

Uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to do the trick.

Mike, people will pay for anything if it's worth it to them.

Amazon prime app works good.

I have the same thing happening to mine. It usually plays the first episode fine and then the next one starts skipping forward.

Same here, skips randomly.

Uninstall and reinstall will work for this one. Clear Cache 3x and Removed Corrupted files for xbox 360 Please Go to Settings, and select System Settings. Then, Select Storage or Memory. Select Games  

See and check for any yellow warning symbol that may indicate that the file is corrupted. If you see one, go ahead and delete it from the memory drive.  

Lastly, try to redownload your profile.

Re-download profile in Xbox 360:

Go to Settings, and then select System. Select Storage. Select All Devices. Select Gamer Profiles. Select the gamer tag that you want to delete.

Select Delete. Select one of the following:

Select Delete Profile Only. This deletes the profile but leaves saved games and achievements.

To Re-download    Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller (large X button in the center of your controller). Select Download Profile.

For Xbox One: Redownload profile

Please scroll to the right and remove your profile to refreshed it.

Now go back to Home Menu  and download your profile once more by click the small tile in the upper left hand corner the choose ADD NEW. Then download your profile. Let me know if this works! Cheers!

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.