How's the Xbox One hardware/software reliability?

Currently a Playstation 4 owner tired of

It's a general error the ps4 has been having since January making single player games virtually unplayable. I owned both a ps3 and 360 last Gen but for obvious reasons the reliability of the 360 left me less than satisfied. How is the Xbox One in this department both software and hardware wise? Any glaring current issues? Considering jumping ship at this point since Sony is ignoring it's customers. 



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The X1 is pretty reliable.

I've had no problems at all. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm sure all the ps4 guys will come in soon to stop you from buying one and to tell not to listen to people like me because I'm a fanboy and xbox apologist! All in all. I love my xbox one and that's coming from a guy who has always been more if pc player than consoles.

If there's anything you should know, it's that most of the errors people have been posting recently come from the preview beta's.

My Xbox One has been very reliable, the Software in my opinion is a lot better and more reliable than the PS4. If I play a game on my PS4, I can't get anything to load, I have to restart my console to get the store/What's New?/ Live from PlayStation, to work. Never have this problem on my Xbox One.

I'm not going to tell you to switch, because that's your choice, not mine. But from my standpoint, my Xbox One has been more reliable in terms of software.

Thanks for the replies thus far folks more is better. Really on the edge on this one. Would love just to have both but that's not possible for me right now.

Hey HolylightAsc

Ok I'll start off by saying I love the console. Brilliant piece of kit but I personally have had issues. Not sure if its a Day 1 console issue or just bad luck but here it goes.

- Have had my Kinect replaced already. Stopped working in mid December for no real reason mid game.

- Sometimes it fails to read discs. Could be related to being in the preview beta but not 100% sure. To fix I just eject and insert again.

- Sometimes when trying to load a game I keep getting booted to home screen. In this instance I have to do a hard resest (hold down Xbox button on front of console for a few seconds).

Otherwise its been fine. Runs very cool and quiet.

I know a lot of people have had zero issues which is good news but figured you should hear all sides of the story :)

That's exactly the information I am looking for the good and the bad so I appreciate it truly.


No issues since day one, it's silent, mature and overall a pleasure to use.


I got mine day 1, I have no complaints about the hardware, it's quite and runs cool.

Software is a little glitchy, been dashboarded during games a few time, I'd say maybe once a week or so, the new UI takes a little bit to use to but for me it has become very natural.

I'd also suggest that before you jump ship you spend a bit of time with a X1 if you can.

I think both systems will have their share of issues but would be a shame to jump only to find you didn't like where you land.

i own both consoles and i love them both so why not just save money to get the xbox one so down the road you wont regret nothing and u have 2 great consoles with there own exclusives but that is my own opinion i have no issues with both of mine

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