How Would I Go About Becoming An Xbox LIVE Moderator?

You know, like with the ability to give out warnings and bans etc. Whenever I play games such as MW2, Halo: Reach, CoD4 etc; I always see people abusing the ToS, glitching, modding, abusing people over voice and text chat (I get several offensive messages DAILY in MW2 for not 'trick shotting'). Just in general I see a lot of bad things happening on casual XBL matchmaking. Anyway, I was wondering how I would actually go about applying to be a moderator, If it's a job, I honestly don't even care about pay (Not interested in money as I'm in school; don't need it) I just really wanna be a mod because I'm sooooo sick of the amount of (pardon the language) CRAP I see online. I want to be a mod so badly, I will even admit that I broke the XBL ToS a while ago, modifying my gamerscore (as a dumb experiment). I honestly don't even care if I get reset, or banned for a while, that's how commited I am to wanting to become a mod on Xbox live. If anyone from MS reads this, or a mod, please reply.

Thank you.


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You would need to live in or around redmond WA. Also have a certain degree. Also not be MLG related or have a modded gamerscore.

Moderators are from all over the world. They are unpaid volunteers, who have been on the forums for years. The Policy Enforcement Team are paid employees of MS and live in the Seattle area. But to ask to be mod, will never happen...sorry. But you can apply to be a PET, if you're willing to relocate.

"MLG related or have a modded gamerscore." I'm not 'mlg related' it's just a gamerpic. The modded gs i already said I didn't care about that I'm sure ms could reset it when (if) I became a mod if they cared that much about it.

They generally insist when offering any sort of post that you have no enforcement action on your account.

Ah well that's no good I live in Australia haha. Maybe if I keep reporting the stuff I see online, eventually msoft will contact me or something with an offer lol; honestly, just being given the option to mute/temp ban rule breakers would be enough for me to be satisfyed after a gaming sesh (without idiots ruining it). Thnx for ur answer.

I do not have any bans on this account. Even so, I would not care at all if I got temp banned for what I did (me knowing that it was dumb and all). As long as I could help clean up the community. I just don't want to see online console gaming go to hell so to speak, I want the old halo 3 launch community back, thriving, competitive and awesome.

The people who moderate these forums here are not MS employees, they are just volunteers. Those that moderate LIVE work for MS and they won't offer you a job here, they are based in the U.S. anyway.