How video games can bring the community together with a fight

My wife kindly gave me the heads up on this article she had seen in this mornings printed edition of the Metro:

The author suggests that despite the violent nature of fighters, they can be and indeed are a great social experience for those that play them.  I'm inclined to agree with this point, one I have never considered before.


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Sad to see that the setting of the article was really about the moronic linking of video games to the rioting around London and the UK last week. Of course in any situation anything can be "linked" as a cause or blame


There is a social aspect to Video games, I can remember playing SFII Turbo Championship Edition in the arcades with mates from school and all the banter and fun of that game and other games. It was the same playing games like Halo 2, Pro Evo, SvR on the original Xbox back when LIVE was new

But lets be realistic, the scum that went out and did the looting last week are criminals..nothing to do with whether they have a rich social life that can be enhanced playing games. They dont care or have respect for whats right and wrong, they dont respect the LAW and only care about getting stuff for free no matter the cost to other people was. These arent the people that would benefit from a Youth Club for example, or outtings to Thorpe Park in the summer holidays.

but then, the artical also takes the view of Noel Gallagher as something that should be taken seriously???

Cocaine causes people to be violent. Not that Noel Gallagher would know anything about that