How to transfer hard drive data from old xbox to new xbox???

Hey guys,

Had a question about transferring all the data on my old Xbox to a new one and also about wiping the old Xbox clean.

Ok, for starters I have a 360S 250GB Had it for about 3yrs now but it's starting to show signs of failing so I'm thinking of replacing it.

I need to know:

  1. How do I transfer all my saved game data to a new hard drive? Can I store it on my computer somehow, then transfer it to my new system later or does it have to be a transfer that takes place system-to-system? (if the later, what would I need to do that with?

  2. How do I erase my Xbox LIVE account from the old system so that if I sell it, the next person doesn't have access to my account?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Are you getting an Xbox 360 E model? If so you could just pop the hard drive out the S model and plug it back into the E models Hard drive caddy. The slim hard drive can he plugged into the E model as it uses the same type of hard drive caddy setup.

Hey thanks for the reply Auswolf7.

Well I'm planning on selling my Slim with it's hard drive, or I won't get a good value on it. I don't particularly like the design of the 360 E, so I may simply get a replacement 360 S model. In either case I still need to find a way to transfer my data and clear my LIVE account before selling.

You will need a hard drive transfer kit (data transfer cable).

They come with instructions which can be viewed on the support pages.

The link to Amazon I included in the above post also has the instructions for data transfer on the item details page.

Hey Thanks Paraffin Alien! that's exactly what I was after :)

don't forget to do a license transfer

[quote user="NYJets1968"]

don't forget to do a license transfer


License transfer?

nvm... found out what you were talking about:

Ah ok fair enough the transfer kit is probably the way to go then, be sure to format your old hard drive before selling your old unit off. After you have done the licence transfer and all.