How to Survive

How to Survive is out today, its a zombie slaying type thing with two player co-op, i don't know much more then that in all honesty so just curious is anyone picking it up?

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Looks really basic IMO. How much is it?

I think its a tenner mate, i think it looks all right but like i said, i don't know much about the game mechanics really! Hoping its quite in depth to a degree

It's not up yet is it ? , oxm unsure if it is being released today.

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Thanks for the heads up. I love my zombies so I might invest in this at some point.

I tried the demo and it's way too difficult early on, the learning curve is too steep and put me off, life is too short especially at my age to fight a control layout as bad as this one.

Been hacking away at it a fair bit, it's actually pretty good. Most of it is fetch quests, but it does do the survival thing pretty well. Managing your limited inventory space can get pretty tricky, forcing a few tough choices, especially when you need to carry food, drinking water, weapons, components for creating items, ammo, etc.

You also have to sleep, which is done in special safe rooms which need to be cleared out before use.


Story coop is offline only, but there's a bunch of online coop challenges to do.


Solid gameplay and decent graphics.

[quote user="MetalGearFloppy"]Story coop is offline only, but there's a bunch of online coop challenges to do.[/quote]

Really? Seems a bit of a waste, won't be bothering with it

Is this anything like Don't starve?