how to stream media...Vuze to xbox ONE

Anyone figure out a way to do this yet... I watched a lot of media this way... WTF, I may have to go back to my 360


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There is no way, Microsoft removed that feature and when I asked about it before launch they told me nothing. If running windows 8.1 you can use that play to option when right clicking on the media, but it doesn't work all the time.  Kinda makes the Xbox one an Xbox Zero. Can't do a simple function that all set top boxes, except for Roku, do, the 360 could do it, even the PS3 and PS4 can do it.

So how could it be called the one (can do it all box) when it clearly can't and they dont want it to.

Agreed with the above. Huge issue. The One isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Plex app is coming to Xbox One. That should give everyone what they have been missing.

Only thing you can do is stream media like AVI and MP4' with an android app called allcast

I managed to do it the other day, merely right clicked the video and clicked play with Xbox ( I think ). However I tried again and it failed. I'm still awaiting a driver for Windows 7-Xbox.

I figured it out...simply download the free app called Media player and it should work

you are 100% correct. i downloaded this free app and was able to finally watch my vuze downloads directly on my XBOX ONE. its very simple and quick from start to finish. thank you for figuring it out because i was beginning to miss my XBOX 360 :)