How to Set Up QoS for my Xbox One?

I'm currently in the process of optimizing my Xbox One's network capabilities. I live in a very full house with many different bandwith users. While my Xbox One connection is still good, as we have very good internet (my Xbox says I have a download speed of 24 Mbps and an upload speed of 1.28 Mbps with 0% DL or UL packet loss and 77 ms latency). However, the other week my brother was uploading a video from his iPad in the middle of my playing Battlefield 4, and I suddenly couldn't do anything but sit still for a long time. I was told by someone on the Battlefield forums that I might be able to set up a QoS for my Xbox, which could help fix the problem.

I went to my router settings, and realized that I hadn't yet forwarded the Xbox Live ports for my Xbox One specifically. I removed all my old Xbox 360 ones (it wouldn't let me use the same ports twice, and I don't play 360 that much anymore, anyways), and added the new ones. I was a bit stumped when I was told "UDP Port 3544" and "UDP Port 4500," as the UDP preceded "Port" unlike all the other ports, and I wasn't sure what to make of that. I just typed in 3544 and 4500 separately and set it for UDP.

After that, I checked my QoS settings, which haven't been touched ever. In the process of setting up my Xbox One, it asked for ports. It wouldn't let me progress unless I typed in the starting and ending ports, but I didn't know what to put. What should I do?



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