How to send game invites

Weird question I guess, but I can't find anywhere on friends,party or anywhere else intact where to send invites to friends to join your game, also no option to join my friends game. Any help?


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It took me awhile to find this out too. Dead Rising 3 for example, start up your  game and then start your single player game. Once in you should see a option in the party that says invite party to game.

Never seen that option appear when in multiplayer, and i have my party snapped to the side of the screen alot


yeah me either.. tried doin this last night with a new guy I added... I'm beginning to feel old and senile!

I guess we're meant to play single player from now on because I still haven't found an invite to game option, and when there's an option in game to invite, the players invited never seem to get the invite notification, is this bugged?