How to Quote users, create a Picture Signature and more!

Hi so i thought i would chime in quickly and tell you guys how to create a picture signature, how to remove picture signatures from being viewed, how to insert pictures to a thread, and how to edit the forum settings for your preference.

Quoting a User

To Quote a user simply hit reply underneath the user you wish to quote, this will bring up a quick reply text box. Once this is up select "Use Rich Formatting" 
Once you have the the Rich Formatting editor up you should see the users post and the option to quote the user underneath. Hit the Quote link and it shall pop the quoting code into your post automatically. View this screenshot for where the quote button is:


Forum Settings

First of all we will show you how to view the forums settings, and to remove signatures from view. simply point your web browser to and you will come across this page:

Here you can find the usual forum settings from the older forum, but with more options like "display user signature" simply toggle to your preference and your good to go.


Making Forum Signatures

To make a forum signature make sure you have your image at a reasonable size, I'd say 620x100 is a sensible size. Make sure that it follows the websites terms of use and code of conduct (i.e. no naughty pics or illegal stuff). Next you will need to upload the picture to a hosting site is a good example. Upload your file and copy the sharing code given as [*IMG]Example link[*/IMG] (there wont be any *'s in your code)

Once you have this code simply point your browser back to the Forums Settings page and paste that code into the signature area. Animated .GIF images work too, heres my example of sonic the hedgehog running:



Adding images to a thread

To add an image to a thread post, simply follow the steps for making a forum signature, except the size. Make sure your image isn't too big i recommend you keep it under 650 pixels wide and 500 in height. Upload your image to a hosting site like and retrieve the [*IMG] sharing code.

Once you have that code simply paste it into the text box of the post you are making and you are good to go. Animated .GIF's work in posts too.


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You can also drag and drop an image on the web from one tab to the rich text field.

Are gifs allowed?


Very informative everyone will be having pictures all over the place lol

Fair play to OP for sharing the knowledge

I no they might get abused but Im glad picture signature pics are allowed

well i thought i would go ahead and show you guys that animated GIF images work to



EDIT: are edit times now gone for good? i seemed to be able to edit my post still

[quote user="the better twin"]

Are gifs allowed?



Probably. Doesn't seem to be any size limit on the images. But due to the loading times of some gif's, they'll end up not allowing them.

I'm just glad there's the option to turn off signatures.

Nothing worse than having a forum cluttered up with endless pictures in signatures

^ Party Pooper

Aw great, so not only is the forum hard to navigate around, we now also have to trail through about 15 bloody pictures in signatures to track down the text inbetween.


Bad move in my eyes, this just calls for spam, spam spam.

Edit: anyone enlighten me on how to disable pictures please? :)

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.