How to quit a game if a new user signs in

On Xbox One, how do I quit a game played by someone else? For example, if my son was playing Forza 5 and he is done playing. I sign in using my login and resume Forza ... but if I play Forza it resumes his game. I want to go to MY home, run Forza 5, and play with MY signin ... not resume his. I have had to turn the unit off then back on.


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Use the voice command "Show my stuff" and the Xbox will take you to your profile.

I have ran into the same problem. "Show my stuff" does not seem to change the save file used by running apps, and does not reset the apps either. When it's a game, I just load up another game (KI for example), then open the other game. This will cause the game to be removed from memory, and will be restarted allowing it to pick up the proper user file. The issue is, this doesn't work with apps, because multiple apps can be running in the background. So, for example, the NFL app doesn't switch between user's fantasy information. I haven't found a workaround for that, yet.

This isn't ideal and when "Show my stuff" is used, it probably should dump out of any running apps. But I could see where that could be problematic too.

I hope they will improve this functionality in the future. Again, this is only my experience with it, and if someone has a better solution, I would welcome it.

In my experience it should switch right away! I was playing Dead Rising 3 and my younger sister set up an account and wanted to play. I handed her the controller and the xbox popped up and said "who do you want to sign in as?" she picked her profile and it kicked back to the title screen and started her game.

I haven't had that experience yet. Here is an example of something I've seen happen.

Xbox turns on, sees Person 1 in the room and signs them in.

I walk in, it signs me in.

I say "Show my stuff" and my dashboard shows.

I start up Forza 5, and it starts the intro video like it was the first time I played, then got me into the initial race. (this after I've played it for hours already)

I realized it was probably still using Person 1's "save info", so I go to dashboard and sign them out to be safe.

Forza 5 demands that a controller be given to Person 1 (who is no longer in the room)...needless to say, it just FREAKED OUT at this point.

I dropped to dashboard and started KI to reset the "Game OS". Started up Forza and it worked fine with my save and everything.

The NFL app just wouldn't switch to the other user, and eventually stopped working altogether. I had to do a hard reset on the system to get it working again.

I haven't had that scenario you presented yet, but next time I get a chance, I'll try that.

1) Hit the guide/xbox button to go back to home

2) Hit the Menu/Start button

3) Select Switch User

4) Go back to game.  It should go back to the title screen for the newly selected user.


Next time I'm in the situation, I'll give that a try. I forget about the Menu button sometimes. I think it should probably do that without requiring the extra steps, though. If someone says "Show my stuff" then starts or resumes a game, it should use their information by default.

We do. When my son says Xbox go home, it switches to him and see his home screen. Using his start screen, we run a game ... And what comes up is the game running from when I was playing. For him to play a game using his profile, we have to turn Xbox off then back on to reset it. Are you saying there is a difference between switching profiles using Kinect and switching using the controller?

I am not certain if there is a difference or not as I haven't used Kinect to switch users.  In my case, both users were originally signed in.  My husband was playing forza.  He was quiting and I wanted to play.  The only way we figured out how to switch users was to go to Home, hit Start/Menu, Switch User.  Then the game started up on my profile instead of resuming his game.

There may be a quicker/easier way to switch users, but this is the method I use and know works.


Is there a voice command for " switch user" ?

I haven't found the voice command for it yet, but if you go back to your dashboard/home and hover over the app/game you wish to fully quit or switch to another user's save file on, press the start button (the one with 3 lines), and there should almost always be an option to "quit" from the app/game. This is the simplest and easiest fix, but not necessarily the most convenient.