How to make the Xbox controller the "go to" controller for PC gamers.

Been trying to get this suggestion into the right hands.

I am an old school gamer, almost 40 years old.

Autocad Designer and I dabble in scripting/game making.

I have played with every type of controller there is and I live video games, for more hours than most people work.

After playing with so many controllers for so many hours.

I have found out why it is the Xbox controller falls short in the FPS world, VS mouse and KB.

More importantly, I know how to make it the "go to" controller and not second best.

It would be a ridiculously easy thing to do as well.

The problem is "and you can verify this yourself"..

The Xbox controller has a dead zone that is way to large..

If you use a ps3 controller for example or many other off brand controllers, they have a very low dead zone.

The dead zone is the "safe area" on an analog controller, where there is no movement.

The problem is, the higher the deadzone you have, the more small movement freedom you loose.

The current dead zone, makes having aim assist almost mandatory.

If you have ever trusted a consumers suggestion, please trust this one.

Either allow for Personalized dead zone adjustment or drop the current Xbox controllers dead zones, from the 15% or so that they currently are,

to about 3-4 %.

You want the dead zone to be just big enough for the analog to not drift, but be as small as it possibly can be.

With maybe 1-2% to spare, for controller wear in over the years.

It makes all the difference in the world in terms of fps.

It's the difference between needing aim assist and actually being good at a game.

If you guys do this, Xbox controller will be as good or better than any controller on the market.

Thank you and long live video games.


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