how to get my theme photo

hi trying to find out how the get a theme photo??  bout a year ago all my harddrives crashed died since have recovered 90% of photos that were lost, the theme photo on my xbox is a very important photo that i could not recover and wish to get a copy off the xbox..

How do i do this??

i have downloaded HORIZION and this did not work....

please help as my xbox has the only copy of a treasured photo that is wanted....


thankyou in advance 


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It would help us if you mentioned what the photo was and/or how you originally acquired it.  Also, what exactly are you referring to when you say "theme photo"?  Is it your gamerpic?  Or your theme on the 360?

Using Horizon will get you banned.

i took the photo it is of a mates holden LX hatchback toranna with the blue lake as a back drop..

i took it 24/12/2010 .  i only used horrizon once to get the theme off xbox but it was a file unknown to horizon..

about the only way i could do it is take another photo of my tv screen.

i know about the being banned but it was a risk i was willing to take to get the photos