How to get AV cables(CORDS) and turtle beach piggyback cords to fit?

So I have the standard AV cables that cam with the Slim and I am having trouble connecting the CORDS(not the piece of plastic) along with the piggyback cords in to my T.V. because there is not enough space for the piggybacked cords to fit. So, can I cut off the red and white plastic off the cords to make it fit or would it damage the cords?


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Bump after 40 minutes? wow.  You post is vague.  What are these cords not fitting in? Can you please provide more data?

After re-reading your post. You mean the ports on your TV are too close together to connect all of these cable? It's been 50 minutes.

There are videos explaining how to take off the plastic shroud on the AV cable to use with HDMI at the same time.  Is that what you're talking about?

Like the other poster, I miss read your post. Yes it is OK to trim the plastic on the plug, just be safe.  I had a optical plug that wouldn't go all the way into the back of my xbox one.  I put it in a vise and used a dremel with a cut off wheel to trim it back with no problem.

Trimming the plastic/rubber might be a bit tricky without damaging the jacket on the cord and possibly cut through it and the shielding. I'd look for a relatively short RCA male-RCA female extension cable instead to go in between the piggyback plugs and the TV.