How to get audio after connecting the vga cable to pc monitor?Please Help

Hello everyone i recently saw other forms about how to get audio after connecting the VGA cable to my pc monitor.I recently brought a vga to xbox 360 cable it has a vga cable and 3 av cables Red,Yellow,White and a cable to connect these wires to xbox 360 now i have connected the vga cable to my monitor and xbox 360 but when i play any game there is no sound some other forms said that i will have to buy a  3.5  audio jack to connect the red and and white av cables to it and the other part to speakers to get the sound so my question is if get the 3.5 audio jack and connect the two av cables to one side and speakers to the other side will i hear the sound and my pc monitor only has a vga slot 


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You can't get sound through a VGA cable, that's definitely right. I'm not sure which 3.5mm audio jack you're talking about, but if you can connect the red and white cables from the AV cable to a 3.5mm audio jack and connect that to an audio INPUT on your monitor, that should work for sound. You would of course need to make sure that it's an audio input on your monitor (not a headphone out jack) and that you have either speakers in your monitor or headphones to use.

I use a pc monitor and I don't have any speakers built onto the monitor so I use a hifi surround sound I have a red tip and white tip cable connected into the hifi which also connects into the monitor and xbox. You will have to buy a hifi or something similar for you to be able to connect the red a white wires into to get your sound.

I think I know what they're talking about.  It's a R/W to 3.5 mm adapter.  The adapter then goes into the monitor's audio input port.  You may even have a R/W audio input back there. If the cords won't reach, extensions and connectors are available in places as common as Wal-Mart. Whats the make/model number of your monitor?

Ok guys now i have connected the 3.5mm Stereo Male To 2 Rca Female Audio Adapter to cpu in the port line in and then went to volume control and checked listen to this device and then i connected my xbox to my pc monitor now i get the sound but there is a lot of disturbance in the audio.I cant hear the game music properly for example if i play wwe 13 i can hear the theme song of superstars with a lot of disturbance but i cant hear any commentry or the audiance cheers so please HELP!!!

My monitor is very old and only has 1 vga port the model no is:- flatron w1943c LG