How to change Xbox one nat type from strict to moderate or open.

Can somebody please help me. Why has my Xbox one internet settings went from moderate to strict recently. It will let me play games but it won't let me chat or play games from invites. Each time when I go to test multiplayer connection I have CANNOT GET A TEREDO IP ADDRESS. I've tried so many ways to fix it but can't resolve the problem. Please help me before I throw my console out the window. Thanks 


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Do you have UPnP turned on in your router settings? It's something that can be easily overlooked and it makes a difference.

Hey I need help how to change nat type to open from strict? Please help. On Xbox one.

try setting up port forwarding on your router, Google says this problem caused by Teredo being a temporary solution to the problem of passing IPv6 traffic on a IPv4 network, and setting up port 3455 for UDP and 3074 for UDP and TCP should fix it.

if you do get it figured out, please make sure to come back update this thread with what resolved the issue.

The most common possible fixes I see people say is ( & apologies if you've already tried them )

Hard Reset the Xbox One - When the console is on, hold the power button on front of console until it beeps then shuts down. Unplug power lead from back of console and leave for about 5 minutes. Plug back in and turn back on.

Reset your hub/modem. Some broadband providers advise unplugging them from power for a few minutes.

Another possible fix that some suggest is to run a "Multiplayer Connection Test" from the Xbox One console. As soon as the test finishes, Hold LT,LB,RT,RB until the screen changes. Wait a few minutes after and you will see the screen change again, with give some info about NAT. Sometimes this might take one or two tries but it does work for some.

Good luck.

Follow the instructions here:

This worked for me when it went from open to strict, changed it back to open so i could continue to play online