How to annoy 1vs1 players challangers

Just had most of the enemy team ragequit out of the game on halo Reach so I sent a few of them messages (this was a slayer game not an objective one aswell) Well one of them got a bit lippy and true MLG style about how I got lucky and how he'd kill me 1vs1 and that I was all talk.
So him having challanged me to a 1vs1 game I accepted and in true duel style I picked my weapons.

No motions sensors

No armour abilities

No grenades

Sowrds only on sword base.

got 1 kill ahead then got send a nice message from him on about he was off to work "or as it turns out more halo 3 matchmaking" also it was a ploy to get me to message back so he could kill me. Well I didn't read the message and as he went to get a quck kill on me i got another kill a head, only for him to ragequit again.

So my question to you is.

whats the funniest way you've found to really annoy people calling you out for 1vs1 fights ?


Anyone had any really funny 1 vs 1 fights ?


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*wipes away the tears.

I dont bother with these "tryhard xXxMLG ProN3XUSxXxzz", Just mute, ignore and move on.

Yeah seconded Deacon

I'm with Deacon. When someone asks for a 1v1 I just laugh and decline it.

I do one v one on halo wars and when I go in for the attack I start the chanting the music does Ahh ahha aught ahhhhhhhh and usualy it drives them mad and they rage quit before I even get to there base :p

I don't often get 1 vs 1 challenges, but when I do, I just ignore them or sometimes find another lobby. Truth is, anyone I could beat in a 1 vs 1 has either only got one arm or is really bad at the game anyway

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention OP, personally I think I would have gone with pistols, but again that's because  i'm rubbish with the sword ( not too bad at countering the lunge though )

I've met some decent folks playing cage matches on COD4. The easiest way to annoy them is to roll them over. Let them get 4-5 kills ahead, then take the lead back.

So many swear words. It can get creative.

Just don't turn up...that will annoy them greatly!

Well i don't think i've ever been challenged to a 1v1 by a random person on xbox live (they probably fear that they will inevitably lose just from seeing my gamertag).


But i guess to annoy you would just have to own them completely, flawless victory, teabag there body upon each death they receive for good measure to ensure they lose whatever dignity, pride and hope they had in there skills.  And then after the match taunt them and ask for a rematch.  And repeatedly send them messages about how they suck and stuff, if they block communications, you obviously create a new gamertag to send these messages and ask all your friends to send this person messages about how they suck.  You could also record the video and upload it to youtube for the whole world to see this guy's humiliating defeat to your hands, and ask every who watches the video to send him a message about how he sucks.

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