How silent is the XB1 ment to be?

before I brought my XB1 I read a lot how silent it is, some say they couldn't tell it was on But there are some that say different.

I brought my XB1 under a week ago (so im hoping ins not on its way out already) But if I put my head about a foot away from the console I can hear the spinning of the fan (I hope its the fan) the whirring spinning sound it makes and a little crackle of what I think must be the HDD working. But I wouldn't say that my console is dead silent.... or am I trying to hard to listen and shouldn't be that close to judge it.

Does people's views of the console being silent mean from 6 feet away or are they testing like me and can hear nothing what so ever?

What are the right sounds my console should be making, cause if its ment to be silent nothing what so ever from under a foot away I may have a console on its way out.

Or is this just being paranoid?


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I can't hear mine at all and it's on probably 4-5 hours a day

I wouldn't worry if you hear some noise as long as it isn't really loud

@PKVAS are you listening really close like me (ear to console almost) or are you saying its silent from sat across the room?

I have to get about 3 to 4 feet away with no other noise to even notice it is on... the sound would be like sort of a PC fan noise (which it is) so not motor .. just the sound of air moving...

Mine is nearly completely silent unless I have everything in my room completely muted and a physical game is installing.

It's likely the power supply unit. Especially if it's in standby mode which is where I notice it more. I have noticed as it's had more use it has gotten noisier. Maybe some slight overclocking under the hood and fan speed increases to compensate, who knows?

It's not whisper quiet that's for sure but the audio levels are acceptable.

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I can hear the power supply fan when is morning and everything is quiet, can't here a thing when the TV is on. Then I turn the 360 on and realise how quiet it truly is :)

Mines very quiet which is one thing I gotta give MS credit for. However I noticed if you've set maybe a box or manual on the vents it tends to get a bit loud because it's overheating a bit and needs to vent.

If you obsessively worry that you can hear your XBox ONE you will pick up every minute noise that it makes.

Try playing the games.

It's way more fun.

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