How much space is being used due to your saved clips?

I was just thinking about my hard drive space used and even though I turned my DVR off in Dec, I do have quite a few saved clips from the launch weeks. Do you have to actually save them for them to be stored or do they automatically store on your drive and online forthe "Friend's Activity" and Upload Studio to use? Can you go to the Upload Studio now and see the amount of space used for your videos? Curious if anyone has tried yet?


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zero NONE ZIP... they are all saved on the cloud...

Hence the reason why you can access them from your tablet.... and hopefully from this website once MS gets their butts in motion...I would the ability to edit and save from a PC pr tablet than my XB1

awesome...thanks for the replies

I would absolutely love an app for my iPad that would allow me to edit my vids. It would be so much easier using a touch screen to cut and edit vids than the xbox controller. Also an option to select and delete multiple vids at once. The video feature on the x1 as they currently are a little clunky. Definitely would love to see some improvement that area!

as far as I know there is no way to tell how much room.. just that the unsaved files get deleted from oldest to newest as new files are generated. now if you save to Skydrive.. (which is becoming Onedrive today) has a limit of 2G (free) if I am correct...

I just went to check the my account (onedrive) and for the first few visitors,,, they jump your allotted space by 100G