How much memory does Minecraft use?

Hello, I am new to xbox...we just plugged it in and it is the 4GB version. I am understanding that you have to download minecraft.??? how much memory does this take? is there plenty of room on the xbox for this?

Does it take more memory to download a game VS. buying a game and using the disc?

Thanks for any help.!!!


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In terms of HDD space, its around 300MB (I think).

As for memory (RAM) usage, it would be closely the same regardless of whether its downloaded or played from disc. I hope that helps.

Thank you!

just to be clear minecraft doesn't come on disc.

When you go to download a game and are about to purchase it it tells you on the right hand side how much memory is required .


When the game is downloading a bar will come up and say X percent of X amount is now being downloaded.


For the game save files go to systems - memory and click on the game it will tel you what the save files take up.

bro it does look it up


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bro it does look it up



bro this thread is dated in February.

yes it does

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