How much longer will the 'Gold' Paywall survive?

So xbox are graciously opening the 'gold' doorway this weekend, thereby granting xbox live users the same service that players on other platforms get for free anyway. In the past it has been argued that the 'added value' of gold were worth the money, however all other major platforms now have pretty much all the services that xbox live provides, however they are not putting an additional charge in the way.

With the PS4's social capabilities now in the public domain following the recent Sony presentation, and rumours abound regarding issue of the used game market on next gen consoles, how much longer can this paywall survive, are we willing to tolerate it any longer.

to be honest Microsoft are not giving me any reason to stay a loyal customer which I have been now for over 8 years. I will wait for Microsofts next gen announcement until I decide, but It had better be pretty mind blowing.

What do you guys think?


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I haven`t really read much about the new ps4, but i bet its not free next time.

I think it will last as long as people are willing to pay it.

Yeah sony are gearing up to charge a subscription to access the majority of services on PS4 I cant see it for multiplayer as that would cause to much outrage amongst there current customer base but im guessing almos everything else will only be available to PS World subscribers

Lol I enjoy contributing to the employment of Xbox live peoples,  I'm not saying they all live like princes off my sorry contribution.  But they live better than if it were free.  Love a little, can't you.

Put it this way, if they allowed just multiplayer to be added to free accounts and not all the other stuff like TV, youtube, music etc, I wonder how many would stop their gold subscription tomorrow.

Vote yes if you would cancel gold, No if you would keep subscribing to access all the other services as well.

voteDC sums it up best -
[quote user="voteDC"]I think it will last as long as people are willing to pay it.[/quote]

The better question, with Sony looking at implementing a tired pay structure, how long will non-paying subscription services last for consoles.

I would not renew a gold subscription if the multiplayer were free. I don't use any of the apps, that isn't to say I haven't looked at some to see what they offer, but I would certainly not pay to use them. It is one of the most asinine attempts to add value to a service I have ever seen.

seriously? your subscription fees pay for live to be available almost all the time. and mostly hacker free, when they detect hackers, they take care of it right away. can you say the same for sony? HELL no you can't. so quit whining about how much it costs and enjoy it while its still cheap, cheapskates

Gotta go with the OP.  what we are currently being charged for is chat services and the ability to play online, which is now no longer a feature but part f just about every game these days.  To say your paying for their security s silly ... Its federally mandated that they provide that security.  If you look at the state of the industry now your paying to access parts of your game that you've p aid  for already and to access applications.  

Will sony be charging an online fee, most definitely but i do not think they will block out parts of a game.  I think you will be paying to access libraries, cloud service features , digital domain space, the privilege of beta access, discounts, first to play access.  In short FEATURES.  if they paywall stuff here service will get back ash at this point.

Microsoft needs a new formula to compete now, they may have set the bar, but others have raised it.  I hope they rise to the challenge.

I hope gold stays forever. I would miss it if it goes :(

Playing online games on Xbox LIVE without gold membership?…

that is something I never wanna see.

I like the privileges with gold and I would be worried that the server support and all that would go down the hill if there would be free online gaming on Xbox LIVE.

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